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The Swiss shoreline of Lake Constance – the canton of Thurgau
An outing to Schaffhausen and the Rhine Falls, which interrupt the water route of the River Rhine – an impressive natural spectacle.

Appenzell and St. Gallen

A journey to neighbouring Switzerland. With a guided tour through St Gallen, the town with the most beautiful bay-windows. In Appenzell the gentle rolling foothills of the Alps are in sharp contrast with the massif of the Alpine mountain range. Here the well-known Appenzell cheese with its special and very distinctive taste is being produced. You are welcome to sample this cheese in the dairies.

Daytrip to Central Switzerland

A journey around four lakes to Lucerne.

Romanesque jewels in the Grisons
A journey to the episcopal town of Chur and along really old trade routes  -the Via Mala to Zillis, where you find  the most beautiful romanesque church in Switzerland. The church there is famous for its unique romanesque paintings on the ceiling .

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